Anónimo asked: ask Do you watch American horror story?

No I want to start to watch it! ~Missy 


You can thank Rosie! It’s so funny! ~Missy 

Anónimo asked: I know Zoella isn't a celebrity, only a YouTuber but I think she is beautiful. And she makes really cute videos

Zoella is a first class charmer! I love her! ~Missy 

Anónimo asked: Well said Missy <3 x

Thank you baby! ~Missy ♥xox

Anónimo asked: You Me At Six is one of the greatest band of our generation its a shame that people actually prefer meaningless pop music.

Girl why do we gotta do this? Don’t insult other’s music taste to make yours seem better. It’s 2014 we shouldn’t be bashing what other people like. ~Missy

Anónimo asked: Can you post the original Perrie photo from the one about haters giving her more fame??

I don’t have it :( I saved over it :( ~Missy 

Anónimo asked: response: I completely agree that Louis is a victim of the situation and he should be standing up against it and taking any action necessary to stop the rumors or whatevs, but my only problem with him is that he let it affect his relationship with Harry, which was completely unnecessary

Well everyone handles things differently. Lauren and Camila handled their rumors differently and are still so close, Liam and Zayn barely acknowledge their rumors, Louis and Harry probably agreed to staying distant because Harry does the same thing. ~Missy  

Anónimo asked: Cofession: to person who wrote "it saddest me how larry thing has affected louis and harry`s relationship" "Louis became so defensive it's pathetic.If anything it confirms people doubt that he`s gay" "he has changed and that`s pissing me off" what You do is blaming the victim. It wasn`t just "doubts" or speculations. Not only he was harassed but also his girlfriend and whole family was constantly receiving abuse because of Larry thing. He has every right and should stand up against it

This is a response!