Anónimo asked: magcon is to meet viners. Youtubers you can meet at playlist live, vidicon and digitour :)

Why would you want to go?! ~Missy❤️

Anónimo asked: Who or what is magcon. ?? I so sick of hearing about it.

Magcon is a convention and you just meet with viners and YouTubers I don’t know why someone would pay for that but yeah people do. ~Missy❤️

zapandbelieve asked: Psh I could never screw up I'm perfect jk haha but you'll always love me and you know it

Sadly ;) ~M

zapandbelieve asked: It's official then rose and missy most get married since it didn't happen in the fanfic

I’d be honored to be married to Rosie! Haha! ~Missy❤️

Anónimo asked: and what about missy? she could've been ur daughter in the fan fic :p

Or my wife? Lol, we didn’t know Missy when she wrote it and Sam and Missy don’t know each other. -R

Anónimo asked: rose r u friends with sam from teenstars-opinions since u said 'sammie' or u meant another blog?

Yes very good friends! She actually made a fanfic with my name as the main character and Grace’s as my sister. We’re good good friends she could’ve been helping us with the blog by now but things happened. She’s a cool person. -R

Anónimo asked: To the anon who made a confession about zayn and selena, i can't agree with you more. Though I hate it when celebrities cannot see out of their own hollywood world and get hitched or date other celebrities but this or (Jelena) is the only couple I wouldn't mind.

Response to this confession:


Anónimo asked: You should get like another blog to make you guys a banner, a really good one I like is RoguesGraphics, they make lovely edits and there's hardly a queue at the moment, you could always send them a request, they designed the banners for GirlfriendClub I believe (unless they changed them)

Just messaged them! Thank you! ~Missy 

Anónimo asked: asked: The Wanted are not cocky and they don't think they are hot stuff they are just confident (not all of them) and they show that they don't care about what others say about them, don't forget that their tv show was scripet you saw what producers wanted to show, the feud between 1d e tw was a huge mess both parts said mean things but its time to move on....if people give the wanted a chance they would see they are great guys (sorry for my english)

I agree it’s time to move on from the wanted and 1D feud. The last fight was a year ago. It’s time to forgive and forget. ~Missy❤️

Anónimo asked: Hey girls how was your day

I had an okay day, thanks for asking :) -Rose