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Anonymous —

If you could date any celebrity who would it be?

I wouldn’t date a celebrity. Mainly for the fact of the media and crazy fans, I really don’t deserve that kind of abuse; nor would I want to ever go through it. I’m also not a fan of relationships to be completely honest. I don’t like the idea of someone telling you one day that they love you and then dumping you the next day. The second I have any type of relationship with someone (platonic) I become really attached so someone just getting rid of me would really hurt. Also for the fact that the same person who said they loved me turns around to their friends and say “My ex girlfriend was such a bitch.” or something. I’m way too sensitive for all of that and I don’t need the emotional toll on myself. ~Missy

Anonymous —

I am still a Directioner but I've left the fandom and deleted my twitter account because I honestly couldn't keep up with all the drama anymore. Now, call me a fake fan all you want, but at least I'm drama free. :D I really don't regret my time on twitter except for the last few months because they were just a total pandemonium. :/

Fandom drama is so STUPID! You’re literally taking someone else’s lives and making it your problems! Like don’t people have enough issues to deal with? Now you all wanna care about someone else’s drama?? Half the time it’s such stupid drama that the people involved could care less! ~Missy

Anonymous —

but camila did a ustream, she told us she had her first kiss and stuff then tweeted fans faved tweets about how open she is with us and we have a special relationship with her,she tweeted about how we know her,wrote about how Austin is just a friend but in the end everything is always a lie, she seems incredibly fake because we can't believe what she says at all. when I see her with fans or when she's all magical and sunny on twitter I can't take her seriously I even muted her, she's mucking us

I don’t think she says things to be fake she just says things because she’s nice. Like do you really think she’s just gonna be like “Hey everyone this is my life and I’m gonna treat you all like my family!”? When your famous your life can’t be an open book and people know everything about your life it’s not practical! I think she lies because she has to, not because she wants to! ~Missy

Anonymous —

5H changed their album release date because 1D was releasing it the same week, as well as Adele

ADELE IS RELEASING AN ALBUM?!? Why is this not news?!? ~M

Anonymous —

5h's album would be released in November but they changed to December

Oh okay! I guess it will be good for Christmas gifts! Good move 5H ~Missy